Editorial Methods

In transcribing the diaries of Henry W. Schweigert, I have standardized the spelling and punctuation for easier online reading. I tried not to take away from the original sources, which you can view and download in PDF format on the Diaries’ page. In some cases, I had to edit the original diary entries with Photoshop in order to read some of the handwriting. In other cases, I was not able to determine confidently what certain words were. In these cases, I have replaced them with {illegible}. Text encased in [brackets] has been added by me.

I have also annotated the people, places and organizations that Schweigert references, to the best of my ability, and have included references to my sources as hyperlinked footnotes.


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This project would not have been possible without the guidance of Sidney Dreese, archivist at Albright College, who scanned the first two sets of 1869 diaries for me. Nor would it have been without the assistance of Harry Brubaker, Lois Boyer, and Sandy Angstadt, Henry Schweigert’s great-grandchildren, who provided me with information and more scanned diary entries that I had previously not known about.

Going Forward

I intend to maintain and update this site until I have transcribed and uploaded all of the diaries. On unfinished diary pages, you may encounter an “under construction” notice, that should be completed in the very near future.

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