1815 - Anna Maria Bressler (Henry’s mother) is born.

1816 - John Schweigert (Henry’s father) is born.

1830s - John Schweigert and Anna Maria Bressler are married.

1842 - Sarah Ann Schweigert (Henry’s sister) is born.

1843 - Louisa/Louise/Lucy Ann Schweigert (Henry’s sister) is born.

1846 - Catherine/Kathryn Ann Schweigert (Henry’s sister) is born.

1847 - Henry William Schweigert is born.

1851 - Daniel Washington Schweigert (Henry’s brother) is born.

1853 - Franklin/Frank Schweigert (Henry’s brother) is born.

1860 - The Schweigert family lives on a farm in Friedensburg, PA.

1868 - Palatinate College opens.

1869 - Henry celebrates his 22nd birthday at Palatinate College, Myerstown

1870 - Henry starts teaching.

1871 - Henry marries Emma Miller and they have four children: Charles, Milton, Annie, & Mary.

1880 - Henry, Emma and their children live in Bethel Township in Berks County, with Henry working as a teacher.

1895 - Palatinate College is closed and bought by the United Evangelical Church to later become Albright College.

1900 - Henry, Emma and their two daughters live on Railroad Street in Jackson Township, Lebanon County, with Henry working as a farm laborer.

1911 - Emma Miller Schweigert dies, afterwards Henry goes to live in Philadelphia with son Milton and his family.

1920 - Henry works as a gardener for city of Philadelphia, while living with his son Milton, Milton's second wife, and Milton's daughter, Emma.

1923 - Henry dies from a complication of diseases.

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