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The late nineteenth century by following the life of Henry W. Schweigert, a school teacher who lived in Southeastern Pennsylvania from 1847 — 1923. Growing up in a small Pennsylvania German farming community, Schweigert attended Palatinate College before becoming a teacher and family man. Schweigert's diaries follow his teaching career at public schoolhouses in Friedensburg (Schuylkill County), Bethel Township (Berks County), and Jackson Township (Lebanon County), from 1870 — 1880s.

Schweigert left behind a number of diaries that document his daily life, with references to agricultural practices, social organizations, public schooling, and other sundry aspects of everyday rural life during the 1860s — 1880s. Although he isn't a well-known historical figure, the diaries are valuable to those who want to learn more about the era and culture in which he lived. In addition to the diaries, you can also view historical maps and images from Henry's lifetime.

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